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    Tried to change the passwords for cliadmin, i get the prompt that password changed successfully however the new password does not work. The password defaults back to voip,

    please suggest!

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    Aaron Leech

    I can confirm this is an issue.

    Here is the output from a password change for cliadmin:

    passwd: Only root can specify a user name.

    password for cliadmin has been successfully changed to password1

    Press [Enter] key to continue (ctrl-c to abort)…

    But the password doesn’t actually change.

    Aaron Leech

    Also for the system prompt, for Enter choice [1 – 6], it should currently be [1-7].

    Terry Mason

    I’ve verified this behavior in the lab. This is going to take me some time to fix.

    Outside of that, were you able to get VoIP Detective deployed and get the license installed? I’d be interested in any feedback you have.

    Terry Mason

    This is resolved in the new OVA. If you’d like to migrate, just download the new ova and deploy it. Take a backup of your current VoIP Detective, then shut it down and restore to the new VoIP Detective.

    Make sure you are on the latest version before doing to backup.
    If you have a static IP on your existing setup, you’ll need to go into the Command Line and give the new setup that same IP.

    Let me know if there are any questions

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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