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    Joe Sanchez

    The free wallboard really made my life easier with all of the request I got from different departments at work. But, with anything they wanted customization and I thought we could make some improvements on how the data is called and displayed. So I worked with one of our developers, and wrote an API in Golang. I re wrote the wallboard in php, and I feel this really helped simplify dashboard customization and setup. We recently added the stored procedures from reporting to the API, so now I can display phone rep stats or anything from a departments reports. I did have to use the uccxuser account, which i heard is a nono, though I have yet to see any negative effects from this. So basically setup now is typical odbc on windows server, copy api exe and create a service. I have the php code running on a separate server. I know it can be run from iis, but i didn’t have much luck getting it to work right. I built a function to connect to the api, and from there simply specify the fields you want and it shows up on the board. I kept the css code, so it looks the same. I’m also working on slack integration, which i got “working”. Its a little annoying until call volume drops.
    Anyways, wondering if there is a need/want for this. Its made my life easier, hopefully it can make others as well

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