Voip Detective is a call accounting and reporting platform for Cisco Call Manager (CUCM). Easy to use, it provides call details to admins, managers, and users, allowing you to quickly find details about calls into and out of your organization.

Several years ago, I was asked for a way to track the calls that our sales team was making. Managers wanted to know how many calls came in and out, and to which employees. This sounded like a reasonable request – a call accounting package that would help business leaders keep everything on the up and up. After the Call Manager built in CDR tools ended up falling flat, I decided to write my own call accounting solution.  Needing something easy to use, that would simply tell me what calls are made and when I made the interface as intuitive as possible.  As an administrator, I wanted a solution that would be hands off, so that I didn’t’ have to pull reports on behalf of end users. So, the VoIP Detective was born.

VoIP Detective is a web based application that users will access through their web browsers. The server itself is a virtual appliance that runs on VMware. Once VoIP Detective is installed and running, it gathers CDR (call detail records) files from CUCM, and process them continuously.

What the VoIP Detective can do

For End Users

  • End users register for their own account and can pull reports on calls into and out of their extensions.

For Managers

  • Managers can be assigned end users that they are able to pull call records on.
  • View inbound and outbound calls for each person.
  • See inbound calls that were missed and went to voicemail.
  • Managers can view their entire team in one report, or each individual person.

For Administrators

  • Full reporting on all calls through your CUCM cluster
  • Search for patterns, such as 911
  • View MOS (Mean opinion score) of calls
  • Show call details such as originating device, destination device and error codes
  • Show total system usage (calls per month / year).

VoIP Detective Free

I have quite a bit of time and effort invested in the VoIP Detective, and I’d really like for people to use it – hopefully you’ll find it helpful. To that end, I’d decided to make a free version. VoIP Detective will store the previous 7 days of call data, so you’ll be able to report on calls made by employees for the previous week.  This product never expires and can be used by any person or organization that chooses.

VoIP Detective Pro

VoIP Detective Pro includes everything that Free does, and adds the following:

  • Store unlimited call records (the only limit is database size).
  • Reports can be scheduled and delivered by email.
  • Graph gateways and show peak usage.

Technical Details

Here are the high level details about VoIP Detective call reporting:

  • Compatible with CUCM 8+.
  • Call Manager pushes CDR & CMR files to VoIP Detective, so no modifications are made to CUCM.
  • Runs on a pre-built virtual machine, so the deployment is easy.
  • All access to the application is done through the browser, so there are no clients to install.

OK I’m sold – How do I get copy?

Just head over to VoIP Detective.com and click on the signup button.