If it’s been a while since you’ve looked at hunt groups, you may want to check them out, with CUCM 9 Cisco has added quite a few features:

  • Ability to login and logout of a hunt group (this is a softkey on most desk phones)
  • Queuing of incoming calls with select-able hold music
  • Initial greeting played for new calls
  • Forward call if no members logged in
  • Forward call after X seconds of hold time

So, hunt groups have really come a long way – they have become a Contact Center lite at this point.

I recently received a request to allow some Jabber users to login to a hunt group – sounds good, but out of the box Jabber doesn’t have a button to enable this.  Luckily, Cisco introduced a new feature in Jabber 10.5, the rub is that you’ll need to edit the jabber-config.xml file.

Jabber hunt group

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Exit from Jabber on your PC
  2. Download the current jabber-config.xml file from your TFTP server – http://(CUCM TFTP):6970/jabber-config.xml
  3. Add the following to the file (if you already have a Policy section you’ll want to add to that section):
  4. Save the file to – %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Config
  5. Launch Jabber on your PC. You should now see a Hunt / Pickup option

You’ll need to roll this file out to all your Jabber / Hunt Group / Pickup Group users. If you want, you can modify the jabber-config.xml file on your TFTP server, but in my instance hunt group members are a small percentage of overall users.

Allow Jabber users to login a hunt group
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