In preparation for a new voice site deployment, I grabbed an old Cisco 2821 series router and went to configure it.  Well, it turns out that this router has traveled around my company, and the console password had be lost long ago.  Luckily, it’s not too hard to reset the password on this router.  Here’s the process:

    1. Connect a console cable to the router, power the router up and make sure that everything’s working.
    2. Power off the router.
    3. Power on the router.
    4. Within 60 seconds of turning it on, press the “Pause Break” button on your keyboard.  In my putty window (I use putty for serial connections, and had to right click on the tool bar and choose “Special Command -> Break” to get it to work).
    5. at the rommon prompt enter:
      confreg 0x2142
    6. now enter:
    7. say no when asked about initial configuration
    8. At the Router> prompt, type
    9. Type
      configure memory
    10. Enter configure mode
      config t
    11. This command will create a user named ucguru with a password of ucpassword
      username ucguru privilege 15 password ucpassword
    12. And don’t forget to reset the config register:
      config-register	0x2102
    13. Finally, exit the config mode, then write the config:


The cisco tutorial is here:

Reset a password on a Cisco Router
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