In graphing our CUBE calls in Cacti I noticed that there always seemed to be at least 4 calls – 24 hours a day. They were obviously (or so I thought) an error, and I assumed it was Cacti’s fault. Well, I was doing maintenance at 4am one day, and decided to check it out. I hopped on the CUBE and took a look, and it turns out those were real calls that had been stuck open for months!

First, you can get a good overview of active calls with the command “show call active voice”

ATT-CUBE-1#show call active voice
Telephony call-legs: 0
SIP call-legs: 8
H323 call-legs: 0
Call agent controlled call-legs: 0
SCCP call-legs: 0
Multicast call-legs: 0
Total call-legs: 8


SetupTime=08:21:37.580 EST Mon Sep 23 2013
CallerName=Bob Doe

This lets us know there are 8 call legs currently, and the first call listed was setup on Sep 23 (it was Feb 6th when I issued this command)! So, to get rid of this call, we just need to issue the “clear call voice” command, like this:

clear call voice causecode 1 called-number 91414XXXXXXX

And that’s it!
You can read more about the clear call voice command here:

Clear old CUBE SIP calls (that are hung)
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