I had an issue where several agents could not login into the agent desktop. They had various errors

Here are some snip-its from their agent logs:

Error State – when the agent could not login

Success State – a few days ago when everything was OK

So, I did some digging on the UCCX servers and found out a few things:

  • The primary had just restarted yesterday.
  • The secondary server had assumed the master role.
  • Since the restarts these agents could not login.
  • These agents were some of the first ones to have CAD installed.

The Problem:

It turns out that CAD was installed on these desktops before the HA cluster was setup.  At the time there was only one server, and hence CAD only knew the IP of the primary.  When the secondary server became the master, these agents couldn’t connect to the proper license and resource monitor.

Normally, when they logged into the CAD, it would run an update program, and download the new version, however these agents did not have administrative access to their PCs, so they could not install the update.

The Fix:

Temporarily give them admin access on their PC.  Once they launch and update CAD, this access can be removed.
Uninstall the old version of CAD, and download a new version from the primary.

UCCX agents unable to login to CAD (cisco agent desktop)
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